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Discover Owner Tailored Incentives (DOTI) rental management works directly with owners of rental homes to offer the best price and flexibility to ensure a customized experience. We are focused on removing the extra costs associated with third party rental companies to ensure an economical stay for your family. Incentives include promotions offered for longer stays and custom deals on a case-by-case basis directly negotiated with the owner of the cabins.

We are a family who after staying at many rental homes, realized that we wanted a more personalized experience for our stays. All of our properties are managed by the management companies including Shenandoah Rentals. All of the property-related matters during your stay are handled by the management company. Our specific role is to work with the owner to negotiate pricing, relay feedback directly, and to work with our guests to customize your experience before your stay. 

Guests use our cabins for a variety of reasons including family vacations, romantic getaways, remote work, reunions, long-term stay etc. We would love to know more about your stay prior to you coming to ensure that we can provide you with all the information to customize your experience. We want to be a part of your stay and help you make the most of your time in the Shenandoah Valley.



We work with rental cabin owners to ensure that all of the activities are available with no extra cost. Every cabin we work with provides canoes and paddles free of charge.


All of our properties ensure complete privacy for your stay.


Each cabin offer unique experiences for your family to discover. Our cabins are customized to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities.

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